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 Bahamas, Belize, Florida Keys and Roatan


         Dutch Love is undertaking expeditions to lands of the Sun and Fun
         as she travels where crystal clear waters lap pristine island beaches.

  The Bahamas

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   Bimini, a 12 hour sail from Islamorada, a fabulous place with some fine
   Beaches, a small community, great diving and snorkeling. 



  The Exumas further into the Bahamas, the very best, with endless isolated 

  beaches on uninhabited islands, very much like a dream come true


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  Belize,  Roatan

       Lunch spot

   Very exotic, a place  with a  setting  for adventure.

   An outer voyage to an inner place, a place of harmony .


                 forget sheetrock and latex paint here is how we are going to stay  for a while

                 these come to sit with you

                 overnight in the jungle     

                              breakfast on the beach

                              take the ferry over to some Maya ruins

                              Hunting Cay  S.Belize barrier reef

                              Anchored of Hunting Cay

                              The path to now

                              Queen Cays

                              Ranguana Cay


                            Ranguana bar & Rest.



  The Florida Keys                           

     Islamorada ,

       little palm.JPG (33576 bytes)

    Marathon or

    Key West.  Lots of snorkeling, deep sea fishing and sailing

       keywest harbor.JPG (58638 bytes)  Dutch Love to the left in Key West Harbor

                                                           Schooner America      Schooner America.JPG (80697 bytes)


                                        Again in Key West harbor        key west bell.JPG (265390 bytes)


Jimmy Buffet's fishing machine appeared next to Dutch Love one day        The Last Mango















                                            "Get in touch with the Magic that we are"




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